Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Fun

Today was a great day-we were able to celebrate Michael's birthday (he is getting old, 27 years old), and went bowling, opened presents and had cake.  But probably the best part of Michael's (and Jacob's and Daniel's) day was playing in the leaves.

Daniel got in on the action too. This picture sure makes our kids look blonde!

Here is one more picture from the Halloween party at the church


  1. So cute!! I LOVE fall AND this cute little Jones family:) Miss you guys, miss you even more now that Ben spoke to you tonight! I might have to give you a call this week!!

  2. Yay Becca! I love when you blog. AJ was a bumble bee this year too. We miss you guys a ton!

  3. Oh, how I miss these sweet little boys! We had a different sort of leaf activity this year. I will have to write about it. :) Happy late birthday, Michael! We miss you all and Tommy still talks about his cousin Jacob Beanie all the time!

  4. I like the pics of the kids in the leaves! So cute! And your Halloween costumes are so cute! Love your red wig! :)

  5. The "next blog" button giveth...

    Aaaahh!! They're growing out of the leaves!!

    And the "next blog" button taketh away.